2Far Away Splendoria

Take an unforgettable journey and immerse yourself in the hypnotic decadence of the Middle East with Far Away Splendoria. Experience for the first time a modern, more vibrant interpretation of the liquid gold of Middle Eastern perfumery, an oud that is a kilo more expensive than gold

Our new Avon Far Away Splendoria fragrance is the only one of its kind from the world-renowned perfume brand*. While traditional oud is considered dark and masculine, we've created an exclusive white oud chord** for Far Away Splendoria, giving this rare Middle Eastern ingredient a fresh note. Just as captivating as traditional oud, but with a more feminine and sensual touch.

Inspired by the golden lands and the hypnotic decadence of Arabic flowers, this fragrance was created by a talented trio of perfumers known for their experience in the Middle East: Nelly Hachem-Ruiz, Nicolas Beaulieu and Julien Raskinet.

This radiant heart with the chord of white oud is complemented by the rich fruitiness of black splendour plums, a bouquet of white floral gardenias and ends with warm, creamy vanilla.

Describing the fragrance, perfumers said, "Far Away Splendoria is a fragrance of pure luxury and mystery. It is a mesmerizing immersion into the splendor of Middle Eastern landscapes. It is intriguing, sophisticated and luxurious.

Far Away Splendoria Avon is the newest and most glamorous member of the original Avon Far Away family. With rich combinations and luscious fragrance profiles, the unforgettable Far Away fragrances open up new possibilities and draw you into all things glamorous.

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