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Avon Catalogue 7. 2023 Poland

Каталог AVON 07. 2023 г Польша

The AVON catalog for July 2023 contains the entire list of products that are available in the company. Looking through the entire catalog, you can familiarize yourself with the entire assortment and choose only what you need.

The most useful information for you is, of course, the sale. So, let's start with the fragrances. You can choose a perfume that will accentuate your elegance, it's EVE Elegance or Avon Aspire. These products in the current catalog are 60% off. Another leader in our sale is Avon True Power Stay Point, an ultra-resistant matte foundation. The base stays on your face for 24 hours, leaves no streaks, doesn't roll off or stick to your mask. There are 17 shades in this base, you will 100% pick the one you want. Of these 17, there are two new items in the current catalog. All the same at 40% off. In addition, this matte base has proven to be great in today's realities of wearing protective masks.

There is not even a trace of primer on the mask. Also on sale are our best-selling scents for him - Avon Full Speed, Avon Light, Avon Wild Country. Each of these fragrances is 65% off. Also from women's perfumes, 65% off such bestsellers as Avon Rebel, Avon Viva La Vita. The makeup department has nice prices, too.

Our ultra-matte and ultra-cream lipsticks. You can choose the shades and articles in your personal cabinet or in the catalog itself. Also great prices on foot care products. Not only discounts, but also new products are waiting for you in the current catalog.

New Perceive Silk fragrances. A gentle composition of captivating mandarin and jasmine notes on a delicate musk base, awakening the senses and soothing the soul, wrapping your mind with peace and serenity as gently as you wrap the skin with the finest silk.

Enjoy browsing and shopping with Avon.

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Avon Catalogue 6. 2023 Poland

 Каталог AVON 06. 2023 г ПольшаRare - Rare Flowers You de sunny daffodil for women is one of the new products in this release. It is a light, floral fragrance just right for spring. You'll find notes of daffodil, violet leaves, and musk in this fragrance. With the introduction of Solar Narcissus, the "rare" line has expanded to 4 fragrances.

If you are not yet familiar with "rare" fragrances or want to get acquainted with a new fragrance before you buy it, you don't have to buy a 50 ml bottle right away. Rare fragrances are available in a set of three designs: Sunny Narcissus, Pearl and Night Orchid.

Footworks. Most Avon customers are familiar with Foworks cosmetics. Of course, some of you are currently using them or have the opportunity to try them yourself. Footworks is a line of foot care products. Not only will you find cosmetics, but you'll also find foot care products like a heel scrub, pumice stone, exfoliating socks and a nail care kit. Spring, spring and summer are often times when we rest. As summer approaches, we often think about taking care of our feet after the long, cold winter. One of the beauty products on offer is a regenerating heel cracking cream for 3 days with urea, shea butter and vitamin E. Until now, this cream has been available in 75 ml tubes. The XXL version with a double capacity of 150 ml will appear in the June catalog.

New. A new vitamin D-activating moisturizing cream is another addition to the June catalog. The cream with VITA-D technology keeps the skin moisturized for up to 72 hours. It makes the skin softer and tighter. The cream is designed for all ages and can be used in three ways: day cream, night cream and moisturizer.

White Jasmine - Lovers of climate and fragrance in the home or apartment should be interested in "White Jasmine" scented products. The offering includes scented oil, a cane diffuser and a scented candle. This fragrance is a blend of notes of snowdrops, pink rhubarb, jasmine, white violet, ambergris and sandalwood.

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Avon Catalogue 5. 2023 Poland

Каталог AVON 05. 2023 г Польша

LUXE has added two new products: a lip serum lipstick and a lipstick. Although the serum is blue, it becomes transparent when applied to the lips. It gives your lips a natural look, softens and moisturizes them. The serum lipstick has similar properties to the serum, but in addition gives your lips a gorgeous color. Available in 10 shades.

Avon Care - Jasmine cream and almond oil from Avon Care line are available in the catalog. The gentle hand cream with jasmine is available in a 75 ml tube, and the brightening body lotion with jasmine is available in a 400 ml bottle. And this is not all the news. In the catalog you can also find facial masks from Avon Care. Four masks to choose from: rejuvenating with banana extract, brightening with shea butter, moisturizing with avocado oil and refreshing peeling mask.

Advanced Techniques - in the May catalog, the Advanced Techniques hair care line has also been updated with many new products. The first is a brush for all hair types that softens and separates hair on a daily basis. Another new product is a folding brush with a matching purse mirror. Lovers of thick and fluffy hair may be interested in the "Volume without cleansing" procedure. The product thickens the hair structure, lifts it at the roots and gives volume.

In the fashion section you will find many new products. Among them: bags, backpacks, scarves with floral motifs, swimwear, sunglasses and new jewelry sets.

TTA line fragrances have been available in the Avon line for years. These fragrances are loved all over the world. If you are one of the fans, you definitely can't wait to try the fragrances from the new collection. The collection includes:

- To Him TTA eau de parfum with notes of vanilla, neroli and vetiver;

- TTA Today Eau de Parfum for Her with notes of neroli, freesia and musk;

- TTA with the fragrance of love for Her, pink grapefruit, jasmine petals and notes of musk;

- TTA Tomorrow perfumed water with notes of neroli, patchouli and oriental resins;

- TTA Always with Neroli Eau de Parfum, notes of rose and sandalwood.

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Avon Catalogue 4. 2023 Poland

Каталог AVON 04. 2023 r. Polska

Why Wild Country Freedom eau de toilette. The composition of this fragrance is a wood mist, full of freedom and the spirit of adventure! The main notes are French lavender, indigo bush and petrichora with the natural smell of earth after the rain, packed in a container similar to a bottle of whiskey.

Aspire Chaiprey-a spicy woody fragrance for men who appreciate classics in all its manifestations. The composition sounds with fresh notes of bergamot, mint leaves, ginger, nutmeg combined with base notes of sandalwood, cedar and patchouli. The impression of attractiveness in eau de toilette. This seductive oriental fragrance is perfect for evening. The main notes of its composition are black pepper, aquatic ozone, herbal notes, patchouli and leather.

 A refreshing fragrance for the brave man, embroidered with notes of juniper, citrus and musk, with a dignified cypress in the heart of the composition. Full Speed Virtual Adrenaline eau de toilette. The original combination of Energy Drink Accord, Operonide Atom and Amber Tonic. Only a really determined person can possess this delicate fragrance! A composition for the elegant and stylish man for every day. The most important notes in the fragrance are subtle notes of anise, tea leaves, cedar and vetiver, red apple, cashmere and lavender.

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