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Avon Catalogue 7. 2023 Ukraine

Каталог AVON 7. 2023 г Польша


Avon catalog 7. 2023 July. Lov U Perfume Water for Women from the floral-fruity category is the biggest novelty of this release.

Sometimes the smallest little things have the greatest power, like the note of raspberry, which is like the sweetest caress, the note of rose, which tempts the senses in the most beautiful way, and cashmere wood, which envelops like the most gentle embrace.

NEW LOV U Perfume water 50 ml, new fragrance plus body lotion 150 ml

The catalog also includes makeup novelties. These include eye shadow palettes and eyeliners in the form of pencil Energy of Water and Energy of Fire.

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Avon Catalogue 6. 2023 Ukraine

 Каталог AVON 06. 2023 г ПольшаAVON Focus 06. 2023 r. UkraineRare - Rare Flowers You de sunny daffodil for women is one of the new products in this release. It is a light, floral fragrance just right for spring. You'll find notes of daffodil, violet leaves, and musk in this fragrance. With the introduction of Solar Narcissus, the "rare" line has expanded to 4 fragrances.

If you are not yet familiar with "rare" fragrances or want to get acquainted with a new fragrance before you buy it, you don't have to buy a 50 ml bottle right away. Rare fragrances are available in a set of three designs: Sunny Narcissus, Pearl and Night Orchid.

Most Avon customers are familiar with Foworks cosmetics. Of course, some of you are currently using them or have the opportunity to try them yourself. Footworks is a line of foot care products. Not only will you find cosmetics, but you'll also find foot care products like a heel scrub, pumice stone, exfoliating socks and a nail care kit. Spring, spring and summer are often times when we rest. As summer approaches, we often think about taking care of our feet after the long, cold winter. One of the beauty products on offer is a regenerating heel cracking cream for 3 days with urea, shea butter and vitamin E. Until now, this cream has been available in 75 ml tubes. The XXL version with a double capacity of 150 ml will appear in the June catalog.

New. A new vitamin D-activating moisturizing cream is another addition to the June catalog. The cream with VITA-D technology keeps the skin moisturized for up to 72 hours. It makes the skin softer and tighter. The cream is designed for all ages and can be used in three ways: day cream, night cream and moisturizer.

White Jasmine - Lovers of climate and fragrance in the home or apartment should be interested in "White Jasmine" scented products. The offering includes scented oil, a cane diffuser and a scented candle. This fragrance is a blend of notes of snowdrops, pink rhubarb, jasmine, white violet, ambergris and sandalwood.

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Avon catalog 5. 2023 Ukraine

AVON catalog 5. 2023 Ukraine

 Mini Catalog AVON 5. 2023.AVON Focus 05. 2023 r. UkraineAn unsurpassed pair of skin care products.The most popular serum is now for your eyes.Your customers love Renewal Power Serum, which they buy every minute. 

And now meet his ideal partner - Renewal Power Eye Crea cream for the skin around the eyes. The cream helps to instantly restore the youthfulness of the eyes and enjoy smoother skin with a reduction of lines and wrinkles in a short time. 

Help yourself to restore the long-term loss of collagen and experience 7 powerful anti-aging benefits in 7 days, which will significantly rejuvenate and smooth your skin. 

The catalog also presents an impeccable tonal foundation with naturalingredientsFlawless Liquid Foundation contains hyaluronic acid and Smartmatch technology for the perfect selection of shades!  


Avon catalog 4. 2023 Ukraine

 Are you ready for a good start to spring with the April Avon 2023 catalog?Wonderful products from perfumes to skin care products, from cosmetics to accessories are waiting for you in the Avon catalog K4 2023.

After the cold winter season, we are happy to welcome spring and, finally, we are happy to write our article about the April Avon 2023 catalog.The April catalog, as always, gives us spring news.At the time of writing this article, we have already begun to feel the warmth of spring, we are glad to present you the AVON K4 2023 catalog again early.One way to get a taste of spring is to browse the Avon spring catalog.Bomb discounts are back in the April catalog.

 Katag Avon 3. 2023 Ukraine


We are back together with the March Avon catalog of 2023, with a wonderful catalog foreshadowing spring.Since March is the month of transition to the new season, Avon usually offers serious discounts on many products popular in winter.Of course, in addition to this, you will also encounter many new products that will be number 1 in the spring and summer months.

On the cover of the catalog is Avon matte lipstick with moisturizing hyaluronic core, we hope you will like it very much.In addition, special offers for International Women's Day have been announced in the catalog.The nail polishes needed for perfect makeup are also offered at low prices in the Avon 2023 March catalog.Are you ready to be one of the first to view this amazing Avon K3 2023 catalog?

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Avon catalog 2. 2023 Ukraine


The Avon 2023 February catalog has been published here, which has become special with Valentine's Day gift options..!  

Avon February catalog, the second catalog of the year in which big discounts continue in the new year 2023.Although this is the second catalog of the year, it is just as full of surprises as the first catalog.You will see the details yourself by studying the catalog.You can also find the Focus app for February 2023 on this page.This month you will be offered products that can keep your skin in shape in the February cold, warm clothes and accessories.This is undoubtedly a special Avon catalog.February usually passes in a hurry for gifts.In fact, this planning starts from the previous months.One of the most indispensable conditions of this holiday is that the gift you want to give should arouse the interest of the other party.At the moment, the Avon K2 2023 catalog offers you everything you need.

New trend: skin care combined with makeup! We all love makeup. So why not take care of our skin when applying makeup? Everything is very simple with Avon products. Products for makeup and skin care at the same time and much more in Avon!
See how your lips change in 7 days with Anew Color Serum Lipstick! What makes this lipstick so special?
Bigger than lipstick! With 12 different color options, it moisturizes and nourishes the lips for a long time. It contains 7 times more active ingredients than other lipsticks with skin-smoothing AHA and moisturizing glycerin. Its moisturizing effect lasts up to 72 hours, even after removing the lipstick! If you have dry and chapped lips, moisturize, care for and give color immediately after application. After 7 days, even lips without lipstick will look smoother than the first time.
Do you want your skin to look smooth and even at the same time? Avon Urban Foundation SPF50 for you!
Environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays and pollutants cause premature skin aging and many skin problems skin. Ultraviolet rays can also penetrate through windows and clouds. For this reason, in summer and winter it is worth choosing products with an SPF filter.
FoundationUrban provides a high degree of protection from the sun, but also protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment and keeps the skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. The base has a natural finish, covering from light to medium. Ideal for normal and dry skin. The content of antioxidants fights free radicals that age the skin. Even when you remove it from the skin, the feeling of grooming remains.
Moisturize the skin before applying the foundation. Anew Reversalist Day Cream SPF25 after moisturizing the skin with Avon Foundation Brush you will notice the difference when applying the foundation!  
One of the most important steps in makeup is the mascara with which we open our eyes. So why not increase our eyelashes when applying mascara? Get To Know True Color Lashes Long Nourishing Mascara!    
Thanks to argan oil, coconut oil and vitamin E, not only eyelashes are separated and eyes are opened, but they also take care of them. Your eyelashes look longer and healthier. It is easy to apply with a dense and compact brush. This nourishing mascara will be indispensable in your makeup!

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